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We’ve been in business since 1949, so chances are we have serviced the system to be inspected. This is an advantage for all parties involved. Our staff has been trained and certified through the National Association of Wastewater Technicians (NAWT). We have developed a septic inspection procedure that is clear and thorough and is sure to satisfy all parties involved in the real estate transfer process.

Gathering the following basic information about the home and property is helpful:

  • Is your home occupied? How many people currently use the system?
  • Is your home vacant? How long has it been vacant?
  • When was your septic system installed?
  • Has there been any repairs or alterations to the system?
  • What size is your septic tank?
  • Does your home have more than one tank?
  • When was the tank pumped last?
  • Are the lids exposed? Is digging required to expose lids?
  • Do you have a diagram and/or information page/permit from when the system was installed?

It is important to locate a diagram and/or information page about your septic system. If the homeowner does not have this information, we will contact the local health department or other septic governing authority to see if they have the information

When we arrive at your home we need to check your wastewater plumbing to see that all wastewater (including "gray water") is directed to the septic system. We also need to see that gutter drains, and other ground water sources are directed away from the septic system. We need to perform a "hydraulic load test" to asses the drain field. This means that we need to run between 250 and 600 gallons of water through the system (depending on the number of bedrooms in the house) to see how the system responds to a day's worth of water usage.

Next we need to open up the septic tank to check the baffles, sanitary tees, condition of the tank, and water level in the tank.

Next, information is gathered regarding separation distances to your home, well, and other pertinent details.

Finally, we will pump out the septic tank(s) to complete the septic inspection.

After the inspection has been completed and payment has been made, we will send out your completed septic inspection report. For your convenience, we will e-mail the report to you and/or your realtor.

We will expect payment for the inspection and pumping at the time of the inspection.